so he unfollowed me on IG. not just me but the rest of the colleagues as well, even blocked us. not sure when was it but i found out yesterday. it feels like we are ‘officially’ strangers. A lot went through my mind since last night. i would love to say that i am not affected by it, i am but not greatly because it used to meant something. The crazy thing is that, in the past when he told me the stories about how people did him wrong, was he telling the truth? or was he exaggerating the whole situation? or did they really did him so wrong? or was it just him? I talked it out with the ones that i’m closer to at work. when i finally let the cat out, i somehow feel relief because i am able to hear the other side of the story.

i am really glad what happen happened. it made me realized how lucky was it for me to escape this friendship/relationship and i believe for him as well. We are a recipe for disaster and, one of my friends said i will be walking on the egg shells if we were to be exclusive. I told everyone around me, especially my mum how nice was he and unexpectedly he turn out to be the worst; this is a tragedy and i am really sorry, mum!Β And sure, it was hurtful and depressing-at the beginning but now it is purely disappointment.

Staycation for 4 days 3 nights starting from today. & this happened just on time. i’m feeling really good about this. =3