25/6/17 DAY 3

woke up about 11am, went straight to Sentosa despite dark clouds were looming at our area. Took the skyride and luge, it was so fun riding the luge. The distance was a little short for the ride. And the queue for luge was moving like a snail. Half of the time queuing, i was laughing at how stupid tourist can look some times. We completely forgot that it was Sunday and everywhere was packed with tourist. Stayed at the beach for about 3 hours, letting the afternoon not-so-hot sun soaked our skin and headed back at about 8pm. Wanted to cycle in the night around town but we were both so tired that we thought we should head back early and watch FOX movie channel to end the night. I crashed at about 2am and Alex earlier. We slept with the curtain open wide. ❤