24/6/17 DAY 2

woke up at 1.30pm, headed to ArtScience Museum for two of its exhibitions, HUMAN+ and the universe science and art. I would say HUMAN+ is more worth in the sense that targets a lot of future creativity and its upcoming global issues and possibly ethical issues. Feels like bioengineering industry is the main focus of the whole exhibitions, ranging from prosthetic to designing art through sounds waves to robots to manipulation of genes to bioengineer babies to cybernetic. I was equally fascinated and disgusted with one of section that were shown in there; The harlequin coat by Orlan’s. Literally bringing art and science together, multiculturalism and cell culturing. By using cells from different ethnic origins/species and artist’s cell to form a coat – a representation of cross breeding thus, multiculturalism. Neil Harrison (sonochromatic head) and Moon Ribas (seismic arm) case was one of the section that interest me as well, both of them are cyborgs that make use of machine to help them communicate via sensation and perception.

The universe and art exhibition was a little disappointing IMO, i thought it would be mind blowing but it wasn’t. As the title says, it brings space/cosmology and art together. I like the idea how they slowly they introduced us how art was influenced by it. From different religions teachings, such as it scriptures and artefacts then to scientists and astronomers then to exploring works by contemporary artist/photographers. The exhibitions was dimmed with low lights and no flash was allowed throughout the exhibtion. There was this one art in particular that i was drawn to it-an artist work (couldn’t remember its name) using wax. I was standing really close to the art piece and questioning how the artwork was done. At about 7pm we were done, and it was a coincidence that there was National Day rehearsal so we managed to catch fireworks at about 8pm. Took the cab to Miramar hotel for Japanese Buffet. then headed back to the hotel at about 9pm for a swim and quick gym. We stargazed at the rooftop garden until 1am, showered and crash at about 3am.



9.30am breakfast, 10.46am skateboarding with Alexis. It has been years since I skated, even so in the past I never dare to lift up my feet up from the ground without falling. I have always wanted to learn to skate in the past and when I can afford to get a board myself, I did not have the time to do it due to school. Since, I am so done with school, I bought a longboard for myself for Christmas. I practiced probably about 3 minutes on the grass to feel the stability of the board and then about 15 minutes skating by holding on to the railing of the bridge. I was good to go after that. Skated for about an hour plus around the park then another hour around the neighbourhood, after 40 minutes break time. I had such a fun time cruising and enjoyed every moment of the wind blowing against my body while skating. It is a great gift and I couldn’t wait to skate again. Headed home after crashing Alex’s place for a huge cup of ice water.


Showered and rushed to town to meet my colleagues (asked syaf, my friend along) for the countdown fireworks show. We met up for dinner at 6.00pm and went to the nearest place to watch the fireworks. We reached the place at about 7.00 pm and the place was crowded with people. Thankfully we found a place to camp and honestly, it was one of the best spot to watch the fireworks. We were really near, like first class seats. We played games for about 4 hours; cards against humanity and exploding kittens, as well as charades. Have to admit that we were the noisiest there, loads of screaming and laughing out loud. But who cares? It is the celebration of the new year!

I was really glad that the plan worked out so perfectly. The show was tremendous. When the first firework appeared I felt exhilarated, and I even felt that I have a chance to be new again (cliché uh?). I do not have any wishes for 2017 because I do not want to pressurise myself. However, I do have a to-dos list to check off but I do not need to fulfil all of them in 2017. If I do, I would be proud of myself.

Walked back home was my initial thought, but I hired a cab i was away from the crowded areas. I thanked the uncle for saving my life. I was so lethargic and my legs almost give up on me. It was almost 3am when I reached home and so ready to crash.