The last I saw them was about a year ago, or perhaps more? We were classmates. Went for dinner, most of us had pasta; i had salmon and mushroom pasta, cream based. Never a fan of cream based pasta but it tasted okay and i love the mushroom! We had chocolate ice-cream afterwards, felt really sinful. Stayed in the restaurant for about 2 hours to talk and laugh. More people were supposed to turn up but i guess they were caught up with other things, I do miss the group of girls in class. we are planning to go to South Korea next year. Not sure how the planning will go, but i hope we will follow through. (:




it was such a coincidence to have met Serene the other day and there were some miscommunication between us about how we haven’t been inviting her to our outings. And we are glad that she joined us for dinner after some of us met up earlier for ice skating. πŸ˜› Β I was elated to have her join us from now on. The clique used to be real big. oh well, it is still big right now, just that most of us are busy with work and school. it is rare to have everyone coming together. So we would usually book a month ahead or longer hoping that everyone can make it. And syaf brought her HOLGA camera out. It was okay? totally inflexible camera because of how you can’t view the photos you took, slow to take as well, felt very zoomed in when you looked through the viewfinder and no aperture control but it is fun to have, just like the polaroid camera. Although, i prefer the polaroid printer. I wish Fujifilm is trying to invent printer for the wide instax film bc I would definitely get it.



She told me something about her work and seriously, i am quite worried for her. She and I really hope that she could find a new job as soon as possible, although her current company is one of the good ones in the world but it is not doing any good to her career after what she found out. It was so good to bond through army stew at the Korean Restaurant. I used to hate kimchi but i think i am learning to appreciate the taste more. :3 I told her that I bring her to the prata place that I really like the next time we meet.

24/6/17 DAY 2

woke up at 1.30pm, headed to ArtScience Museum for two of its exhibitions, HUMAN+ and the universe science and art. I would say HUMAN+ is more worth in the sense that targets a lot of future creativity and its upcoming global issues and possibly ethical issues. Feels like bioengineering industry is the main focus of the whole exhibitions, ranging from prosthetic to designing art through sounds waves to robots to manipulation of genes to bioengineer babies to cybernetic. I was equally fascinated and disgusted with one of section that were shown in there; The harlequin coat by Orlan’s. Literally bringing art and science together, multiculturalism and cell culturing. By using cells from different ethnic origins/species and artist’s cell to form a coat – a representation of cross breeding thus, multiculturalism. Neil Harrison (sonochromatic head) and Moon Ribas (seismic arm) case was one of the section that interest me as well, both of them are cyborgs that make use of machine to help them communicate via sensation and perception.

The universe and art exhibition was a little disappointing IMO, i thought it would be mind blowing but it wasn’t. As the title says, it brings space/cosmology and art together. I like the idea how they slowly they introduced us how art was influenced by it. From different religions teachings, such as it scriptures and artefacts then to scientists and astronomers then to exploring works by contemporary artist/photographers. The exhibitions was dimmed with low lights and no flash was allowed throughout the exhibtion. There was this one art in particular that i was drawn to it-an artist work (couldn’t remember its name) using wax. I was standing really close to the art piece and questioning how the artwork was done. At about 7pm we were done, and it was a coincidence that there was National Day rehearsal so we managed to catch fireworks at about 8pm. Took the cab to Miramar hotel for Japanese Buffet. then headed back to the hotel at about 9pm for a swim and quick gym. We stargazed at the rooftop garden until 1am, showered and crash at about 3am.

23/6/17 DAY 1


met Alex and her sister (Tessa) at the hotel lobby, checked in at 6.15pm. they took a quick shower while, i was enthralled with the city view from our room, level 23. we were quite disappointed with the size of our room. We went up to the rooftop pool and garden for a smoke at level 29, and the view was even more fascinating compared to the room’s view. Met up with Sam (Tessa’s bf) and Joo (Tessa’s bf friend) at lobby and all of us headed for dinner at somerset maccha house. Had Mentaiko Udon, maccha tea (w/o sugar & milk) and maccha tiramisu. the tiramisu was a little too thick for me and mentaiko udon is always the best! yummy. After that, we headed back to the hotel for drinking game. And Geraldine (tessa’s bff) joined us. Geraldine had a little too much to drink for about an hour into it, she cried and she kind of ruined the night a little for all of us but the rest said that that wasn’t her extreme. >:O I felt a little tipsy but it was just right amount of liquor. also, i drunk text two of colleagues to tell them how much i appreciate them both. haha! anw, we ended drinking night at 12am, they headed home. Both alex and i walked around town for a little and found ourselves sitting at the swing talking about life. Crashed the bed at about 4am.