Played catching at the event. It was fun despite wearing barefoot running was very painful then we headed to the chalet for bbq. How unfortunate that I did not take any photos at the chalet. I completely forgotten all about it. I did not stayed over because I had a funeral to attend; my granduncle passed away. Not really close to him but it was sad. It most heartbreaking part of it all was that, my grandmother was sobbing a lot. :C



so he unfollowed me on IG. not just me but the rest of the colleagues as well, even blocked us. not sure when was it but i found out yesterday. it feels like we are ‘officially’ strangers. A lot went through my mind since last night. i would love to say that i am not affected by it, i am but not greatly because it used to meant something. The crazy thing is that, in the past when he told me the stories about how people did him wrong, was he telling the truth? or was he exaggerating the whole situation? or did they really did him so wrong? or was it just him? I talked it out with the ones that i’m closer to at work. when i finally let the cat out, i somehow feel relief because i am able to hear the other side of the story.

i am really glad what happen happened. it made me realized how lucky was it for me to escape this friendship/relationship and i believe for him as well. We are a recipe for disaster and, one of my friends said i will be walking on the egg shells if we were to be exclusive. I told everyone around me, especially my mum how nice was he and unexpectedly he turn out to be the worst; this is a tragedy and i am really sorry, mum! And sure, it was hurtful and depressing-at the beginning but now it is purely disappointment.

Staycation for 4 days 3 nights starting from today. & this happened just on time. i’m feeling really good about this. =3


What an amazing night with these bunch of monkeys last night. My work colleagues are the best when it comes to having fun. So much had happened at work that no words can describe what each and every single one of us had been through. And last night, we left all of that behind and just focus on having fun. One of them is leaving us on Monday to pursue something even greater. It is a beginning of something new, I hope. Hey KK! do what you are capable of doing, always.


Went Kukup, Malaysia last weekend with my colleagues. Stayed at Piggy house, it was an enormous apartment. There were 14 of us and 3 bedrooms were open for us. Each room have at least 3 or more queen size bunkbeds. We stayed for a night, and left the next day. There wasn’t much activities to do over there, only mahjong, karaoke, massage and putting fireworks or/and paper lantern. The karaoke was quite disappointing because most of the latest and hits songs couldn’t be found. But, it was okay, we did managed to stay entertained throughout our stay and somehow it brought us closer. Their tele has USB port, so we are able to watch movies via our thumbdrive. The people there were so nice and I like how they feed us food on time (no one complained about feeling hungry once), also they tried so hard to make our stay as comfortable as possible. The only downside was that the whole place smelt like sewage. I honestly felt sad for the people staying there ): Overall, it was a good two days, one night trip and glad that every one of us made it.


Gathering at one of my colleague’s place for a short Chinese New Year gathering. I thought we might all be awkward but seems like it was not that bad after all. Anyway, I felt that i couldn’t really be myself completely because a lot of things had happened recently at work (bad ones). I recalled mentioning in here how I could call them my friends, now i want to take all those words back. I read something about colleagues being just 9-5 friends and I couldn’t agree with them more. In two weeks time, we are all going for a short trip. I hope we could all be okay. Anyway, i had an okay time with them today, nothing special. Despite her house is old, it definitely feels like a home that i do not mind going back home to. She made tiramisu for us and it tasted superb although the finger biscuits were oversaturated with coffee.


These photos summed up my first two days of Chinese New Year.

The first day we gathered at one of our paternal family’s house while the second day was at my place and all my maternal families came over. The first day did not go so well for me. I argued with my mother, first thing in the morning over some food issue and then time management issues later in the day with my father. There were some miscommunication going between both my parents and I. At about 9pm, I got bored spending time with my paternal’s family and ended up meeting two of my colleagues (Haley and Warda) for mcd at East Coast Park. When I finally came back in the night, I questioned myself if the sun rose from the wrong direction today? because the arguments I had with my parents were utter bullshit. I did not spoke to them the whole day and we were okay when I was home in the night.

Second day wasn’t that bad. I sort of had great time with my maternal families (as always!). The only thing was that my house looked really tiny when it was filled up with people. Haha! You could literally find people in every rooms. It is so squeeze that some people went outside to sit and we decided to have bbq out there. Again, at about 9pm I met two of my other colleagues (Kairos and Danial) at town for movie; Hacksaw Ridge. I never liked war films but Hacksaw Ridge was really good that I almost teared because it was so touching. Although, Andrew Garfield looked awfully emaciated in the movie. I was so tired afterwards, so we went home. I took the last bus home and crashed.