Went to the library on Friday to return and borrow some books. I borrowed 6 city guides, New York City and San Fran. i read a little and it seems interesting. i wanted to sit down one weekend to read and plan everything. Perhaps next Sunday? I just found out that National Geographic print city guides as well. Not that I heading to Germany, but the one that NatGeo published on Germany was more engaging. tbh, i think read city guide seems like a good idea. i might want to pick up reading city guide some day.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 8.27.41 PM.png

Went back to work on Saturday morning bc it was required. I took the opportunity to went back earlier to print out some Computer Science notes. And yes, i’m taking introductory online lesson on CS, to see if i can keep up with the interest. Then in then evening, my brother and i went to a symphony concert together. it has been a while since we watched the symphony concert together. the thing i really liked about the concert was that, it was harry potter. the concept of the concert was pretty brilliant; playing along with the movie screening at the back. It was harry potter and the philosopher’s stone. it was both my brother and my first experience of such concert. the conductor was so engaging and the audiences was cheering and laughing. Basically it is not a typical concert. i really enjoyed myself and it was really nice of my brother to treat me. He then went again on Sunday with his friend. I want to put up any ticket stubs that i have in here (:

Slept in on Sunday. I started a timetable. Something that i thought about it since last week. I wanted to get things done and i think having a schedule will help me through it. Not sure how it will turn out, good i hope. I started reading a new novel, When We Collided by Emery Lord. one quarter into it and i am enjoying it. Then watched 3 episodes of The American then rewatched the movie SALT before heading the bed.



I miss blogging in blogger bc it was so much quieter to blog over there. I am tempted to head back to blogger and shut this down, but it is too much work and i hate moving around. I thought about switching over to a self-hosted blog, firstly because i want this long term. Secondly, i am able to choose whatever theme i want, as well as fonts and lastly, my own domain. All i wanted is something really plain/clean like i had it back in blogger. WordPress has so much restriction and i dislike how i can’t have my freedom to create something. However, i really like i am able to post 10 images at go and WP has its function of arranging them very nicely. The main reason why i decided to create a blog in WP in the first place.

i had a good talk with my brother yesterday. My brother and I grew up together, do things together and share things with each other. We are considered very close as sibling and it is something that i am sincerely thankful of. But as we grew older, i realised he has attitude that i dislike at times but i did not say anything. Because boys will always boys. However, lately i can see how unhappy he has become and i started to get worried for him. Things started changing when he worked under a obnoxious lady boss whom i saw before but did not know how notorious she is. It wasn’t my fault, neither my brother. After he left the job, he was diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). tbh, i was not surprised at all. That happened less than a year ago and recently (yesterday) i saw that he was looking at apartments for rent. I was pretty shocked because the vibe that i get from him these days was that he really just want to be out from this house. I think the thing that eats me alive was the reason why he wanted to get out so badly. When i had the talk with him yesterday, he said “I do not want to stay with our parents anymore.” My heart broke when he said those words and i so much wanted to scream at him but i tried to look at it as a third person POV, and i encouraged him to do so. I am glad that i supported his idea of moving out. bc he looks like he really need it. Not that our parents ill-treated us, just that my parents treat us like we are still 7 and 8 years old child. Haha. Well, i stopped getting frustrated with it as i know this is how Chinese parents show their unconditional love to their children.

I finally made the decision to get myself a fitness watch. I have been considering it for months and did a lot of research on it, and TOMTOM SPARK 3 is something i think i will like. I ordered it from amazon. It says that i will get it on June 14.

I joined Reddit community last weekend and i am currently addicted to it. I like how majority of the people has the ability to articulate their thoughts/comment pretty well on some interesting topics. And the people in there talk about anything under the sun which is something i had been looking for. I made a few friends there, and now we are exchanging personal messages in there. I really like talking to this one person in particular where we exchanged and discussed about quotes. The latest one he sent over was “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti. I am starting to enjoy reading long messages/emails.


Went shopping with my brother earlier today to get ourselves new clothes for CNY. I managed to get what I wanted but not my brother. I hope he gets it sort out before the festival begins. I bought pants, like three of it because it felt so comfortable.

Went home and packed my swim stuff. Met up with Jean and swam for 30 minutes continuously. After that, we had a great chat in the pool, as usual. We headed to the library because I was looking for Summer of Letting Go by Gae Polisner, unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. :/ So, why not take a photo? because we all know that being surrounded with books is fab. Haha. we grabbed dinner and headed back home.