Grandma “moved out” this morning to her brother’s place, because there were some misunderstanding between all of us. Initially, my brother was saying that he wanted to rent a place and due to the hefty price tag that comes along with it, i thought it would be nice that my brother and i could share the burden. So, i told him that we can move out together. My mom told us that it wasĀ a bad idea because the money would be useful if we can buy a flat instead of renting it bc, there are too many rules and restrictions for renting a flat. my mom came up with an idea to buy the flat using both my grandma’s and my brother’s. However, the idea was deniedĀ by the property agent the reason being my brother is not of age.

I believe my mom was feeling distressed about the whole situation and she turned toĀ her mom to talk about the situation. With my grandma’s character, she assumed that both my brother and I are making plans to move away because of her; that she is a burden to us and we are chasing her out from the house. Hmm, old people and their thinking huh? ):< So i tried talking to her last night but we ended up at each other’s throat. And my exact words to her was “we love you very much, and now what youĀ are doing is pushing all of us away, which is not right bc family are supposed to stick together, so do what you want to do!” when i woke up this morning, she was already goneĀ but her stuff are all still here. My eyes are swollenĀ from all last night crying andĀ i feel better this morning. I know we did not do anything wrong as long as we told her that we love her unconditionally and respect her by letting her do what she wants to do. My aunt called and told usĀ that she is crying and i think it is best that we leave her alone for now.


I miss blogging in blogger bc it was so much quieter to blog over there. I am tempted to head back to blogger and shut this down, but it is too much work and i hate moving around. I thought about switching over to a self-hosted blog, firstly because i want this long term.Ā Secondly, i am able to choose whatever theme i want, as well as fonts and lastly, my own domain. All i wanted is something really plain/clean like i had it backĀ in blogger. WordPress has so much restriction and i dislike how i can’t have my freedom to create something. However, i really like i am able to post 10 images at go and WP has its function of arranging them very nicely. The mainĀ reason why i decided to create a blog in WP in the first place.

i had a good talk with my brother yesterday. My brother and IĀ grew up together, do things together and share things with each other. We are considered very close as sibling and it is something that i am sincerely thankful of. But as we grew older, i realised he has attitude that i dislike at times but i did not say anything. Because boys will always boys. However, latelyĀ iĀ canĀ see how unhappy he hasĀ become and i started to get worried for him. Things started changing when he worked under a obnoxious lady boss whom i saw before but did not know how notorious she is. It wasn’t my fault, neither my brother. After he left the job,Ā he was diagnosed withĀ Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). tbh, i was not surprised at all. That happened less than a year ago andĀ recently (yesterday) i saw that he was looking at apartments for rent. I was pretty shocked because the vibe that i get from him these days wasĀ that he really just want to be out from this house. I think the thing that eats me alive was the reason why he wanted to get out so badly. When i had the talk with him yesterday, he said “I do not want to stay with our parents anymore.” My heart broke when he said those words and i so much wanted to scream at him but i tried to look at it as a third person POV, and i encouraged him to do so. I am glad that i supported his idea of moving out. bc he looks like he really need it. Not that our parents ill-treated us, just that my parents treat us like we are still 7 and 8 years old child. Haha. Well, i stopped getting frustrated with it as i know this is how ChineseĀ parents show their unconditional love to their children.

I finally made the decision to get myself a fitness watch.Ā IĀ have been considering it for months and did a lot of research on it, and TOMTOM SPARK 3 is something i think i will like. I ordered it from amazon. It says that i will get it on June 14.

I joined Reddit community last weekend and i am currently addicted to it. I like how majority of theĀ people has the ability to articulate their thoughts/comment pretty well on some interesting topics. And the people in thereĀ talk about anything under the sun which is something i had been looking for. I made a few friends there, and now we are exchanging personal messages in there. I really like talking to this one person in particular where we exchanged and discussed about quotes. The latest one he sent over was ā€œThe ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.ā€Ā ā€• Jiddu Krishnamurti. I am startingĀ to enjoy reading long messages/emails.


so, Alex and i set our mind to go to Boracay, Philippines in June. However, with the recent tragedy/chaos that is happening in Philippines made both of usĀ worried about the trip we are going to plan. hence, we had a backup plan which is to go to Gold Coast. the really sad thing is that everything is so pricey over there, which both of us kind of expected. and calculating the total amount we are going to spend, we felt that the money would be well spent in Boracay instead. we decided that we should meet up today to plan but this morning alex fell and she tore her ligament. now, she is advised to not walk with that leg and also, to postpone the trip. ): how unfortunate! we concluded that we should do a staycation instead before her school starts.

the past few days of sleeps had not been good for me, i was staying up late (unexpectedly late) thinking about the trip whether to go to boracay or gold coast. also, drown myself with backpackers and solo traveller stories. felt like my mind was running the treadmill. since, the trip is not happening. i wonder if i should do a solo trip to Siargao Island, in Philippines to learn to surf. apparently, i found a deal on rtwbackpackers that provide accommodation, breakfast, airport transfer? and most importantly, surfing lessons for 8D7N. Is quite pricey but i think is worth it based on the reviews that i have read so far on tripadvisors. I have emailed them to ask for their itinerary so i may able to plan accordingly- if i have decided. I have yet to tell my parents about it and tbh, i have a feeling that they might not allowĀ it.

i have been talking to my colleagues on whether or not to leave my current job, they had been so great and helpful forĀ the past two weeks, especially in reassuring and clarifying my doubts on quitting. the good news is that, i am selected to go to Orlando, Florida, USA in september for work/conference. i have a reason to not quit because of the trip and a project that needed to be submitted for the conference.Ā previously, i mentioned how i might be happier if i quit and how scary it is at the same time. i guess i kind of figured out the whole of being really scared, which was i do not have a concrete plan if i finally quit, i said i wanted to travel but i made no initiative to actually plan for it. and going without a plan in life really make me anxious i realised. i guess i am not the only one, everyone has their insecurity but tbh, i wish one day i could simply do it without a concrete plan. i have planned to stay, and ask for a pay raise for the next financial year..bc company’s policies.

after i set my heart to not quit, i feel good in some ways. even though, i feel that i could do better and just quit and try to go life without a plan. but stayingĀ where i am is not really that bad especially my colleagues are all good people to hang out with. also, things i promise myself to do:

  1. read more books
  2. travel or at least staycay every month
  3. run more often/walking as well
  4. be more active such as climbing, swimming, hiking, trekking and diving
  5. perhaps joining boxing and dance classes that i have been thinking about
  6. choose happiness.. always.

I saw this on tumblr and i just got to post it here. ā¤

ben affleck and liv tyler on the set of ā€˜armageddonā€™, 1998


I am off from work today, as well as tomorrow; a good two days for me to contemplate whether to quitĀ my job, even though I do not haveĀ a new job in hand. It is a risk to take, especially so in this current economy. But i keepĀ thinking that life is actually full of risk, such as every decisions we make in our life ranging from the food we eat to the things we decide to invest our time, energy and money on.

I kept having flashbacks of the week that I was in Malaysia. Even though it was only a trip to Malaysia, it feels so good to just be away from Singapore. I thought a lot of the people that we crossed path with and Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Maybe this is it, i just got to live my lifeĀ as simple as possible to be happy. Not that i am unhappy, i am happy, however there are some things in my life right now that i would want to change and i am not sure whether if there is a right way of doing it? Maybe there’s never a right/best way of doing it, i just got to do what i got to do to survive isn’t it? but am i being impulsive? not able to move on? avoiding what’s really happening? or perhaps even beingĀ irresponsible?

iĀ think about travelling a lot, more than in the past. Travelling alone to places to gain cultural experiences or/and volunteering services, bc it is not something i have done it before alone and do not mind trying it out. I looked up on overseas volunteering workĀ and there are tons of sites that are pretty legit and i am very tempted to try them out.

When i think about how i could be free, the decision to quit my current job in this coming week is pretty high bcĀ i do not want to stay in there anymore. Not bc something awful happened at work (it did but that’s not the main reason) but bc i have got zero motivation to work and i dislike myself that way, it does make me miserable. On top of that, the workplace holds too much memories that i do not love/want to revisitĀ them again and again. I wish I could torch it and every single one of them gone. Even if I could simply do that, I would still want to leave.

I spokenĀ to Sham about how I felt, she said “Just take things one at a time ok? What ever you do, think about whether the you before him would have done it or not. That way, you’ll know if it’s something you really want for yourself or if it’s something influenced by what happened with him.” When she mentioned this, I realised how much pain can actually make a person change. I guess the pain made me want to be a stronger and better person. The me before him have already thought about quittingĀ and whatever that happened with him, gives me one more reason to do so.

Deep down, I know that leaving would make me happy and i also know that it frightens me too.