i got the car on Friday night from my aunt. i have been driving around which was fun, although my vertical parking was hilariously bad. Bought my mom to the temple yesterday, and went shopping for awhile before i went over to Alexis’s to spend some time with her. She teared when I saw her as I know she is going through a stressful period now because of finals. I tried to comfort her as much as i can. i drove us to this plain field of grass near her place. I’ve never came or explore this area before. But i was glad we did and found this nice location where I think it is a perfect place to just lie down and stargaze in the night. The moon was perfectly pretty yesterday and the song Cleopatra by The Lumineers was playing from Alex’s phone. The moment was so beautiful that it made me think of him. An hour after that, I sent Alex home and went to meet him for dinner.

He paid for dinner. He held my face with his left hand at the escalator and said “ughhhhhh” because I was annoying him. I was taken aback what he did but I felt I was his last night. We went to the beach, he had ice cream and I laid down on the rocks and stargazed with him. It was about 2am, I drove him back home and I asked him “what are we doing?” and “do you still have feeling for me?” He said he doesn’t know, laughed and said yes, he still does have feelings for me. When he asked me back, I answered him “I like you even more now.” And the drive back was almost silence that I felt so comfortable with him.

I wanted to hug and plant a kiss on his cheek before I dropped him off, but i didn’t.


Met Alexis because I missed her so much. We went to eat in a Japanese restaurant. After that we were looking for places to chill but it was raining everywhere and we didn’t want to spend money in a cafe. So, us being weird (as usual), we headed to the supermarket and sat on plastic chairs that were on sale. We chit-chatted for about 30 minutes or longer. In the end, we decided we should watch a movie; Ghost in a Shell acted by Scarlett Johansson. The movie was so boring, I expected that but Alexis insisted that we should watch because she wanted to watch it. Everyone who knows me, knows that I dislike watching anime or any movie derived from anime cartoons. If i agree to watch, it shows how much I love that person or every activities seem to bore to death. And in this case, I must really love Alex. Haha.


So yesterday we went out till late; almost 13 hours together. We ate at a sushi place for lunch which was extremely delicious and it lasted until today for me. We walked and talked a lot. The plan was to watch Beauty and the Beast but all the timing for that movie was mostly fully booked. Hence, we ended up watching the film “Life” acted by Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds. The movie was okay? The beginning was a little boring. And he was fidgeting throughout the movie which i wasn’t really surprised but never knew how seriously restless he can be.

There was this part in the evening where he came really close to me at the lift, right in front of my face and jokingly said “isn’t this what you like about me?” My heart stopped and I believe I blushed which I quickly hid it by rolling my eyes and laughed.

When it was late, we took a separate cab home. It was 2.30am, and he was probably the first guy that did not send me home which is totally fine because it wasn’t a date. But my cab driver mentioned to me that “this is not the type of guy that is worth dating” and I told him what my cab driver said. He apologised profusely which was really adorable of him. Haha.



Stayed over at alex’s on Friday night. Her parents and siblings were out of town. We had the whole house to ourselves which was terrific because we got to sleep in till late afternoon and continue after brunch. The weather was so cooling that we slept like a log with just the fan and breeze coming into the bedroom. Also, it is good to be away from home after some time. When we finally decided to head out we went to the nearby shop and have some indian food for dinner then to the bar for wine and beer. Had a really relaxed day and we were silent for some time in the evening. And that was really okay as we got to devour in our own thoughts in each other’s company; just like an old couple. I cabbed home when my head was throbbing painfully.


These photos summed up my first two days of Chinese New Year.

The first day we gathered at one of our paternal family’s house while the second day was at my place and all my maternal families came over. The first day did not go so well for me. I argued with my mother, first thing in the morning over some food issue and then time management issues later in the day with my father. There were some miscommunication going between both my parents and I. At about 9pm, I got bored spending time with my paternal’s family and ended up meeting two of my colleagues (Haley and Warda) for mcd at East Coast Park. When I finally came back in the night, I questioned myself if the sun rose from the wrong direction today? because the arguments I had with my parents were utter bullshit. I did not spoke to them the whole day and we were okay when I was home in the night.

Second day wasn’t that bad. I sort of had great time with my maternal families (as always!). The only thing was that my house looked really tiny when it was filled up with people. Haha! You could literally find people in every rooms. It is so squeeze that some people went outside to sit and we decided to have bbq out there. Again, at about 9pm I met two of my other colleagues (Kairos and Danial) at town for movie; Hacksaw Ridge. I never liked war films but Hacksaw Ridge was really good that I almost teared because it was so touching. Although, Andrew Garfield looked awfully emaciated in the movie. I was so tired afterwards, so we went home. I took the last bus home and crashed.