Too much screaming and laughter in the cinema. Annabelle creation was alright, some parts were dumb and I was laughing most of the time. There was this one part where one of my colleagues screamed at a blank/black screen, just because my other colleague “kindly” tapped on her shoulder wanting to wish her luck. It was hilarious! haha! Looking forward to more horror movie with this group. :’)



I am not sure why was I so scared of climbing yesterday. My arm wasn’t feeling it and I couldn’t climb very high. 😦 It was for fun but I felt a little disappointed with myself. the funny thing was that both W and I forgotten how the knot is supposed to be tied and I was there telling HY that we are going to fall to our death. And HY was laughing at us most of the time and taking photos/videos for us. Went to Alex’s place for a shower after climbing for 4 hours, talked for a little bit then we went out for dinner. We did not went far from her place bc she couldn’t walk a lot due her fall few months ago.


it was such a coincidence to have met Serene the other day and there were some miscommunication between us about how we haven’t been inviting her to our outings. And we are glad that she joined us for dinner after some of us met up earlier for ice skating. πŸ˜› Β I was elated to have her join us from now on. The clique used to be real big. oh well, it is still big right now, just that most of us are busy with work and school. it is rare to have everyone coming together. So we would usually book a month ahead or longer hoping that everyone can make it. And syaf brought her HOLGA camera out. It was okay? totally inflexible camera because of how you can’t view the photos you took, slow to take as well, felt very zoomed in when you looked through the viewfinder and no aperture control but it is fun to have, just like the polaroid camera. Although, i prefer the polaroid printer. I wish Fujifilm is trying to invent printer for the wide instax film bc I would definitely get it.


Played catching at the event. It was fun despite wearing barefoot running was very painful then we headed to the chalet for bbq. How unfortunate that I did not take any photos at the chalet. I completely forgotten all about it. I did not stayed over because I had a funeral to attend; my granduncle passed away. Not really close to him but it was sad. It most heartbreaking part of it all was that, my grandmother was sobbing a lot. :C



Went to the library on Friday to return and borrow some books. I borrowed 6 city guides, New York City and San Fran. i read a little and it seems interesting. i wanted to sit down one weekend to read and plan everything. Perhaps next Sunday? I just found out that National Geographic print city guides as well. Not that I heading to Germany, but the one that NatGeo published on Germany was more engaging. tbh, i think read city guide seems like a good idea. i might want to pick up reading city guide some day.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 8.27.41 PM.png

Went back to work on Saturday morning bc it was required. I took the opportunity to went back earlier to print out some Computer Science notes. And yes, i’m taking introductory online lesson on CS, to see if i can keep up with the interest. Then in then evening, my brother and i went to a symphony concert together. it has been a while since we watched the symphony concert together. the thing i really liked about the concert was that, it was harry potter. the concept of the concert was pretty brilliant; playing along with the movie screening at the back. It was harry potter and the philosopher’s stone. it was both my brother and my first experience of such concert. the conductor was so engaging and the audiences was cheering and laughing. Basically it is not a typical concert. i really enjoyed myself and it was really nice of my brother to treat me. He then went again on Sunday with his friend. I want to put up any ticket stubs that i have in here (:

Slept in on Sunday. I started a timetable. Something that i thought about it since last week. I wanted to get things done and i think having a schedule will help me through it. Not sure how it will turn out, good i hope. I started reading a new novel, When We Collided by Emery Lord. one quarter into it and i am enjoying it. Then watched 3 episodes of The American then rewatched the movie SALTΒ before heading the bed.

26/6/17 DAY 4

woke up at 6.15am to catch sunrise at the rooftop pool. Swam 500m and i was yawning half of the time. At about 9am we went down to mac for takeaway and booked a 12.15pm movie; the transformers (the last knight) at the nearby cinema. We ate mac on bed and FOX movie was showing the movie – the stand off. we then napped for 30 minutes and checked out at 12pm. Stored our bag with at the hotel lobby and after the movie we headed back home at about 3.30pm. I watched ghost adventures and fell asleep at about 6.30pm until the next morning.