We had our advanced open water course started this morning with Faizal (our main instructor). We did navigation with the compass, and semi-perfected our buoyancy control today. Not only that, we learnt to stay afloat 180 degree facing down (head towards sea ground), as well as turns and rolls deep down! It was so fun! I kept swimming away from both W and the instructor because I swamΒ at a faster speed, comparing to them both. I enjoyed diving with Faizal, he made diving safer.Β After the dive, we went back to our room and prepared ourselves for theory lesson. Then, we made ourselves at home at the diving centre, together with the crew; Faizal, Bob and Danial. Faizal left for family week and tomorrow we will be diving with a freelancer instructor named Sonia. I hope we will be okay! After that, we walked around the jetty, taking photos, talking to strangers and playing with cats until it was time for dinner at 6PM. The clouds were so grey and it was so windy. I loved how it blew my hair to face and I could smell the salt water of the sea. It rained heavily when we were ordering our food at the restaurant. While waiting, both W and I played darts and chatted up with an old couple from Canada? Today’s dinner was good, we had fish with rice, the fish tasted so fresh and delicious. We retreated back to our room early, watched Stoker the movie from my phone after shower. We talked about the movie for awhile before sleep.


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