Boat ride out to house reef was horrible. I was having seasick after the first dive, 18m deep. Second dive was 10m? Before the second dive we had to chill for an hour before heading back down, due to the high nitrogen level in our body. Even after 12 hours, I’m still feeling sick like i am still in the water although I’m lying down on the bed. Met great people on the boat out; people around the world. The experiences they shared on the boat was so surreal and fascinating. It felt like I never really lived my life to the fullest. And yet, they thought about how they never live theirs to the fullest. A guy named Richard told me that i looked beautiful (which was funny because I always looked like shit after a swim). Okay! obviously trying to hit on me. He offered to buy drinks but we lived in the different location in the island, too far away from each other. I would love to get a drink with him despite knowing thatΒ it is not going anywhere.

FullSizeRender 3

After the boat dive, we headed back for lunch and nap. At 6PM we prepared ourselves for the night dive with Daniel, the other instructor. The night dive was scary honestly. I panicked a little, but 10 mins into it. I was feeling comfortable until 36 mins later, I suddenly wasn’t doing well because I couldn’t deflate my BCD and was floating back up to the surface. Haha! Danial wasn’t like Faizal, he trusted us with our bouancy skills and that he doesn’t tell us when to deflate or inflate on BCD or our breathing skills. Faizal will always be our best diving instructor but having Daniel for the night dive allowed me to gauge how well I can do if I’m on my own.

This whole trip wasn’t just the best of the best but also an eye opener experience for me.


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