Today’s dive was great. I’m getting used to the breathing technique and i am able to stay calmer now. After the course, we went to floating platform at the middle of the sea during our free time. We snorkelled there and also the entire acceptable area and found ourselves at some high rocks where we plunged ourselves into the sea. W, us, made some friends, but they were communicating in Malay hence i was sitting at one corner enjoying soaking in the sea water and being contented with landscape view myself. Marc, a New Zealander guy we met was really considerate. He was paddling around the sea on his canoe to pick up litter. How nice! We waited for sunset, letted our bodyΒ absorbed sun while we chatted and allowed ourselves to be left alone with our own thoughts. The whole experience was fabulous and the funny thing is I thought I already had the best trip of my life but THIS! This diving trip topped all of my other overseas experiences!

We headed back for dinner, I had aglio olio w. extra linguine while W had hamburger. The fries was good, I liked how the fries tasted.

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