Today was pretty great. We dived for an hour and half and about 12m deep. The water was really clear and we saw corals and fishes. I think we are lucky, as open water course should be done in the pool and not to the sea first? Both W and I learnt pretty fast, the breathing techniques and the signals. I am pretty impressed by myself, tbh. I had been a vegan for the past 5 days and after today’s dive I thought I wanted to reward myself with a good lunch. We had burger, not really filling for my stomach but it was delicious. We head back, rested and watched Pride and Prejudice movie from my phone. The movie that we both watched a gazillion times and still find it downright romantic. At 1.30PM we proceed for our next theory lesson, to prepare tomorrow’s dive. We were done at 4.30PM and decided to went out to explore a bit, took photos and bought snacks back to our room. We finished the next half of the movie while snacking and napped.


It is 8.30PM and I decided to head out myself to get some air. I found myself walking towards the jetty and standing in the middle of it, mesmerising the starry night and its breeze.Β In this moment, I feel stronger and really contented- something I did not know I am capable to feel after so long or could be somethingΒ I never thought I am capable to feel from the start. And this is a feeling I want to remember my whole life.

Few days ago, I thought how hard it is to forget you but now, I think I am able to do it. To let you go and keep in mind that you are just someone I used to know, someone who wasn’t able to accept the way i am and probably alsoΒ someone I unknowingly fallen for from the very beginning.Β 

I went back and W wanted dinner. W had Hongkong noodle and i had chicken chop for dinner. The food was awful tbh. So disappointing 😦


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