W and I reached here about 1PM. When we got off the ferry, both of us were mesmerised by how clear and beautiful the water looked. The room is small-tiny would be the most appropriate word. An air conditional room, queen sized bed and a washroom which is about 6 steps from the main door. It looks fragile and if we are caught with a strong gust of wind, we might probably be blown away. The tiles of the toilet floor are loose. When I walked on them, it does this creepy cracking sound which caused the back my hair stand. Felt like they will cut my feet so i wear my slippers when I need to use it. We had lunch and napped for an hour before the diving theory lesson. It started at 3PM, it took us 3 hours to learn the basic stuff of diving and its preparation of the equipments. We headed back to our room at 6PM. While W takes her nap, I started reading The Profession of Violence by John Pearson. I guess we aren’t going to have dinner tonight since W hasn’t woke up from her nap. I just showered and thank god the water ran out after i brushed my teeth. It is day one and i’m not sure how am i going to feel about this. There’s no wifi here, even if there is wifi, it is too slow for us to get a connection.

It is 3AM and both of us were woken up by how freezing cold our room got. i went outside to warm up, the weather was warmer than our room but cooling to feel and currently, the sky is full of stars! i’m feeling good in some ways.



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