So yesterday we went out till late; almost 13 hours together. We ate at a sushi place for lunch which was extremely delicious and it lasted until today for me. We walked and talked a lot. The plan was to watch Beauty and the Beast but all the timing for that movie was mostly fully booked. Hence, we ended up watching the film “Life” acted by Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds. The movie was okay? The beginning was a little boring. And he was fidgeting throughout the movie which i wasn’t really surprised but never knew how seriously restless he can be.

There was this part in the evening where he came really close to me at the lift, right in front of my face and jokingly said “isn’t this what you like about me?” My heart stopped and I believe I blushed which I quickly hid it by rolling my eyes and laughed.

When it was late, we took a separate cab home. It was 2.30am, and he was probably the first guy that did not send me home which is totally fine because it wasn’t a date. But my cab driver mentioned to me that “this is not the type of guy that is worth dating” and I told him what my cab driver said. He apologised profusely which was really adorable of him. Haha.


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