View from my room’s window, shot with Sony a6300
There’s a lot going through my mind. Felt like there’s so many things happened all at once. I got my final results last week, i did ok? I expected it to be better, especially for my second paper; Biomedical Technology but i got a C. However, I am thankful that I did well for my research paper hence, being able to maintain in the first class honours. Ever since I got my results, things hasn’t been going well for me. I was so wrong to have thought about how easy it is to find a job after getting a degree, scoring well for it and topping up with 2 years of working experiences. I started looking for jobs in February, and to be exact 2 weeks ago. I’m growing impatience and I know that I shouldn’t act like everything is falling apart. I was even planning to do a Masters degree in Science (again) or maybe MBA or a second Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. But before making any decision on it, i do want to try to have a career switch in doing branding/marketing position, if possible. 

This morning when I woke up, Kairos sent me a link: I did not tell anyone what’s really going on with me, but I can guess that he knew something is not right with me. When he asked, I simply told him that I am okay. The scientific reasoning and the pure belief of the existence of God is a conundrum i am facing currently and tbh, I am losing faith. But that morning read was just what I needed. This coming work week will be his last week with us and I know I so going to miss him at work after that.


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