Went Kukup, Malaysia last weekend with my colleagues. Stayed at Piggy house, it was an enormous apartment. There were 14 of us and 3 bedrooms were open for us. Each room have at least 3 or more queen size bunkbeds. We stayed for a night, and left the next day. There wasn’t much activities to do over there, only mahjong, karaoke, massage and putting fireworks or/and paper lantern. The karaoke was quite disappointing because most of the latest and hits songs couldn’t be found. But, it was okay, we did managed to stay entertained throughout our stay and somehow it brought us closer. Their tele has USB port, so we are able to watch movies via our thumbdrive. The people there were so nice and I like how they feed us food on time (no one complained about feeling hungry once), also they tried so hard to make our stay as comfortable as possible. The only downside was that the whole place smelt like sewage. I honestly felt sad for the people staying there ): Overall, it was a good two days, one night trip and glad that every one of us made it.


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