These photos summed up my first two days of Chinese New Year.

The first day we gathered at one of our paternal family’s house while the second day was at my place and all my maternal families came over. The first day did not go so well for me. I argued with my mother, first thing in the morning over some food issue and then time management issues later in the day with my father. There were some miscommunication going between both my parents and I. At about 9pm, I got bored spending time with my paternal’s family and ended up meeting two of my colleagues (Haley and Warda) for mcd at East Coast Park. When I finally came back in the night, I questioned myself if the sun rose from the wrong direction today? because the arguments I had with my parents were utter bullshit. I did not spoke to them the whole day and we were okay when I was home in the night.

Second day wasn’t that bad. I sort of had great time with my maternal families (as always!). The only thing was that my house looked really tiny when it was filled up with people. Haha! You could literally find people in every rooms. It is so squeeze that some people went outside to sit and we decided to have bbq out there. Again, at about 9pm I met two of my other colleagues (Kairos and Danial) at town for movie; Hacksaw Ridge. I never liked war films but Hacksaw Ridge was really good that I almost teared because it was so touching. Although, Andrew Garfield looked awfully emaciated in the movie. I was so tired afterwards, so we went home. I took the last bus home and crashed.


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