SONY a6300


img_2024I finally made up my mind to get it. It wasn’t an impulsive buy. I had been contemplating whether to get it for the past seven months and intensively doing my research on it for months as well. I thought I could just wait for a promotion (like a year end sale or the best offer) but it did not happened. I walked in and asked for it today. And really glad that I got it for 100$ lesser than the usual price due to Chinese New Year sale. Haha! I have yet to try it out but I have a good feeling about this. I wish this is also a beginning of something good.

Met up with Jean today and had Japanese sushi for lunch and supposed dinner after swim, but we were so dead tired after walking to the mall from the temple. We practically did not do much because the weather felt so horribly warm today. It was too hot to walk. We sat down and had ice cream yoghurt because I was craving for it. We walked around and tried to shop but my forehead was throbbing with pain. I honestly just like sitting down with her and talk about our lives. Not that our life is downright bad that we need to talk about it all the time. But having her to talk to really clears my head.

The first thing I did when I reached home was to take two tablets of panadol. I met up Garrett to skate. I taught him a little. He was pretty good at it but he was cautious. Then we had dinner and skated more before heading home. I felt that i am more opened with him now. also i like that he was skating and i was walking beside him ranting about my life.

Jean was really thoughtful. She texted and asked if I have any food for dinner because today did not go accordingly as planned. It is this kind of message that people sent that really matters.


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