When I woke up this morning, the bottom of my feet felt really sore. When I flexed my ankle is hurts as well. I guess it was from Sunday’s skating and the long walk from town to home.

I had so much fun at my aunt’s house yesterday. It was Jensen’s birthday party. It felt like my family are closer during this time of the year. I never think like this before, I guess i have grew out from the “I-just-want-this-to-be-over” phase for all family gatherings. Well, I actually only abhor Chinese New Year celebration. Watched bob’s burgers while waiting for the food to be ready. Saw a few of my cousins and honestly, some of them were bratty. I was anger by one of them and ugh, he is my god brother as well. I thought about how they were just kids and i decided to let it go. I wondered what kind of parents allowed their kids to be rude.

Took a 2 hours nap on my god sister’s bed. Very soft and it feels like I could dream anything even before my eyes shut. It was a 4000$ single bed mentioned by my aunt. A bed that i will definitely not get for myself. I dreamt a series of weird dreams which I couldn’t put them together. I woke up feeling groggy and thought there were both steamboat and BBQ but BBQ was just in my dream (literally). We had steamboat for lunch and dinner. They were a lot of good food. Shabu shabu pork strips are my fav and the only food I ate together with was a mountain of boiled veggies.

i had more than 8 hours of sleep today to replenish all the lost sleep i missed throughout the week. I’m still feeling a tiny bit of fatigue physically. Thinking about there is work tomorrow, I wish I can get out from my workplace asap.


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