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The Classic Honey Toast
Met Garrett for dinner and drank. It has been 3 weeks since I last saw him at a class outing. A lot has changed, in a good way of course. The main plan was to have dim sum and craft beer at Good Luck Beerhouse, unfortunately, the kitchen was closed. So, we headed to Stateland cafe for dinner first. I had mentaiko tiger prawn pasta with earl grey tea and braised beef cheek risotto with caffe latte for him. On top of that, we shared nacho cheese fries. The earl grey made me realised how much I missed drinking tea altogether. We ordered desserts right after that, classic honey toast and mochi brust with winter melon softserve. We shared but mostly i was eating the classic honey toast. When I took my first bite, it felt like inside of me just exploded with joy. The toast was superb!

I forgot what was the name of craft beer I had but it was stout and there was a hint of coffee taste. It is smooth and I really appreciate stout a lot more after he introduced them to me. I didn’t finish my beer because I felt nauseated half of the time at Good Luck Beerhouse. He finished it for me. We chatted a lot and when we were done, we walked to the bus stop to take the bus home. While I was sitting next to him in the bus, I felt different, like we are closer now. I am not sure if those feelings I had was supposed to mean anything.

Oh wait, why do I have to feel anything in the first place? 


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